So blogging is a thing...

Over the years in my career as a software engineer, I've seen (and, even if I say so myself, made), some pretty cool bits of programming. Until now, I shared this knowledge with direct colleagues and they've taught me a lot in return. I decided to start this blog as a method of streamlining that process and tap into an even greater knowledge pool of like-minded people.

Recently, I've been diving into some pretty complicated technology and in the process of sharing my newly found knowledge, I noticed people were very interested, but quickly overwhelmed by what I had to tell them. Pointing them to my research notes only made them come back with even more questions. So, this blog will be about questions I get asked about security, AD FS, certificates, systems integration and of course practical applications and issues with technologies discussed, conveying what I've learned in (hopefully) easily digestible chunks. 

I don't claim to be all-knowing, but rather I hope to ignite a conversation between those that are interested in the technologies I will be blogging about and those that are already knowledgeable in them.

Lastly, this blog makes certain assumptions about prior knowledge. I use terms like cookies, web services, authentication and authorization, cross-domain security and the like without necessarily explaining them. I'll try to keep things as clear as can be, but this is definitely a blog aimed at software developers.

So here goes! Stay posted for the first entry about Cross-domain security, starting a bit backwards with a client JavaScript implementation. Following posts will be about other links in the chain, including creating a SAML-ready WebApi service, ADFS configuration, a custom attribute store and more.

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  1. Cool, looking forward to it even though I'm in the Java world I always had an interest for security and did a lot with it i previous projects.